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INFIRIUM supports blockchain SaaS-based identification and verification, cloud-based data sharing and security management, etc. at once.

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DID-based Identification & Easy Authentication

It provides an identity authentication based on DID (Decentralized Identifiers) and issuance & management of ID cards, qualifications, and various certificates.

DID-based Data Management

It provides the functions to store, share, and delete individual or permission data by allocating decentralized security areas

Issuance and Distribution of e-Documents

It supports the issuance, storage, and distribution of various electronic documents through an electronic wallet and ensures the integrity of electronic documents.

Cloud-based User Account Authentication

It supports cloud-based data access control utilizing blockchain technology. ※ Super secured protection against ID & passcode hacking by ransomware

Blockchain History Management

Data distribution history management via blockchain network

Monitoring Dashboard for Administrator

It provides a dashboard feature for monitoring real-time DID issuance status for users, as well as the processing status of various electronic documents, IDs, and certifications.

Why INFIRIUM is different?

SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform

A platform that can easily use subscription-based blockchain services without building expensive blockchain infrastructure (servers, nodes, etc.) with high technical barriers.

DID (Decentralized Identifiers) based Identity Verification and Authentication.

Highly versatile and scalable operating systems that are registered with W3C and comply with DID standards.

※ W3C: An organization of educational, research institutes and related companies promoting standardization of World Wide Web browser/server technology called WWW Consortium or W3C

Smartphone OS Free

It supports diverse cloud operator infrastructures and mobile OS environments to ensure versatility in data management through a decentralized data platform.

Application case

Eco Planet

Integration of the 'INFIRIUM' subscription service with the voluntary carbon offset platform 'ZeroQuest' enables user-centric certification of carbon reduction actions, along with data validation, storage, history tracking, and facilitating data purchase and sale.

Wright Brothers

Registration and authentication of bicycle frame numbers, as well as transactions, carbon offset credit generation through bicycle riding, and recording of data, are transparently managed through 'INFIRIUM'.


Establishing a decentralized MyData platform supporting the protection, management, access, and portability of personal information based on blockchain technology utilizing a SaaS platform.


Building a blockchain main-net using key technologies from SaaS platforms.


How to join INFIRIUM

Infirium offers swift and convenient service within 2 weeks after sign-up.

INFIRIUM is now helping boost your business with replacing existing blockchain service that hesitates to introduce due to unexpected cost burdens and technical difficulties.

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